Top Ten Tuesday: Toddler Love

Today, I’m writing my Top Ten Tuesday list about the things I love about my toddler, Jonah.

Because it has been a really rough day and if I don’t think about the good things, I’m likely to lose what little remains of my ever-loving mind!

1. When he sleeps. (You know it’s been a tough one when the first thing that comes to mind is the child, unconscious!) But he’s awfully cute when he’s sleeping. Except for when he’s hogging my bed. Check out this picture, which clearly demonstrates why the lil’ pillow-moocher makes a terrible bed buddy:

By the way, that’s not crib rails behind him! That’s my headboard, and he’s stretched out sideways, embracing my pillow. I woke up over there where the remote control is lying.

2.When he’s NOT making this sound. Which, lately, hasn’t been very often. It ranks up there with nails scratching a blackboard on my personal Annoying Sounds Scale and he does it every time he doesn’t immediately get what he wants, which is pretty much all day long. It’s quite migraine-inducing as well.

3. His little feet. I love baby feet anyway, but his toes are particularly precious. And the pitter-patter of his little feet slapping the floor as he toddles around — truly, one of the cutest sounds a mom ever hears!

4. His curls. I need to trim his bangs but I can’t bear to part with those curls just yet. So he might be looking a little mullet-licious the next time you see him.

5. When he’s laughing. He thought the sound effects on Eli’s computer math program were hilarious today. You just never know what’s going to crack him up.

6. When he’s not destroying my kitchen. He loves to pull treasures out of the kitchen drawers, so I can never find things I need while cooking, such as spatulas, stirring spoons, etc. I usually find them about a week too late, stuffed behind the sofa cushions or in his bedroom. And sure, we live in an old house, but so far he’s managed to rip the drawer handle off one kitchen drawer, and totally remove the face off another drawer! I can’t tell you how nice that looks.

I always say it’s those little unrepaired white-trash accents that make a house feel like home…

7. When he wants to be a big boy like his brothers. He loves sitting in his little chair, watching movies and having snacks like the big kids.

8. When he says “may-men” after our dinnertime blessing. Then he immediately says “Da-da!” We aren’t sure why he always adds the “Da-da” at the end. Perhaps it’s his little spirit acknowledging his Heavenly Father?

9. His love of music. He adores music and dancing. He dances to everything–even the light classical music I play during our school time. That boy can bust a move!

10. When he bounces and dances with joy at the sight of me after I’ve been away an hour or two. Definitely makes all the other things worth it.

Yes, even that horrific screeching in item #2.

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