Friday Fill-ins

1. Why does it always seem that when you take your kid to the doctor (or the ER) his symptoms magically disappear, only to return once he’s home again, sans diagnosis? (Story in next week’s column.)

2. The amount of weight I want to lose is equal to one of my children’s weights. But don’t expect me to tell you which one. LOL

3. My favorite breakfast includes a bagel and coffee.

4. “Redeeming Love” was the last book I read in full. (I have a half-dozen started-but-not-finished books scattered about.)

5. I am SO glad that even though Eli still doesn’t feel well, he’s not writhing in pain like he was last night.

6. A nice, long vacation alone would make me feel better right now. (Heck, four hours of uninterrupted sleep might do the same!)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to catching up on my DVR’d shows, tomorrow my plans include tons and tons of housework and Sunday, I want to do what I hope to do every Sunday: go to church, then relax!

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2 replies on “Friday Fill-ins”

  1. Trying to lose weight? I highly recommend the “my fitness pal” website. I’ve got the app I run on my ipod touch, and it helps me count calories with its built in database. It works great for me–now down almost 70 pounds!

    Sorry I am so late; busy weekend! My answers are over at The Philosophy of Chairs.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Billy-and congrats on the weight loss! I’ve been using Sparkpeople but I will check that site out as well. Thanks!

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