Thankful Thursday

This week, I am thankful for many little prayers that have been answered.

Lord, please help Jonah to fall asleep peacefully. Because listening to him cry, even for just that short time he protests before settling down, hurts my heart.

Last night, at naptime today, and again tonight: Jonah fell asleep without a sound.

Dear Father, please settle Zach’s stomach; let him sleep and not throw up anymore. It’s 4:00 in the morning and we all need our rest. Please heal my son, God.

He hasn’t thrown up again since, and though he’s still feeling puny, is better than he was yesterday.

Please take care of this financial situation that’s been dumped into our laps. I don’t even know what to ask for, God. I just know that I’m worried about how things are going to turn out, and if you don’t intervene, it could be a real problem.

Arrangements have been worked out, and though it’ll be a further strain on an already tightly-stretched budget, somehow I trust it will all be OK in the end.

God, grant me the courage I need to talk to the person who hurt me. Help me to say the right things so that healing can take place, but also help me to speak the truth where needed.

I called the person, and s/he totally, unexpectedly apologized to me before I could utter my first sentence. And now everything is good.

I know those who would say, “Meh, God’s too busy to worry about petty concerns like that. The results you got would’ve happened whether you prayed or not.”

Maybe. Maybe not. All I know from experience is that when I leave God out of the small details, I tend to make a bigger mess of things. If he is my Father God, my Abba, then he wants to help me just as I want to help my children.

I am a fool if I do not seek his guidance and help. Because it is in these little answers, in these small acts of compassion he shows me, that I learn to continue to trust him with the bigger issues.

For seven long years, I doubted I would ever become a mother.

God, please have mercy, and bless us with a baby. I can’t bear the pain of longing to have children any longer. If it isn’t your will for us to be parents, please remove this desire from my heart!

Now my heart and my arms are so full. I am thankful that he is faithful.

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2 replies on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Kari,
    This blessed me so much today and my toes are so sore!!! Thanks for reminding me to take EVERYTHING to the Lord in Prayer for He cares for me. I remember the cry of your heart before Eli and Jonah. God is faithful and wants to bless us when we take the time to talk to Him.

    Love you all,

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