Thursday Thunks: My Life in ABC’s

Found a new meme today called Thursday Thunks and I just have to do it! You should play along, too.

This week is going to be easy… just one question. Ok, well maybe not so easy. Take each letter of the alphabet and describe something in your life… don’t skip any!

A prayer a day keeps the doctor away. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

Bacon. I don’t have any but I want some after reading with Eli about Laura Ingalls’ Pa butchering and smoking a pig. Yeah, proof I’m a Georgia girl. Gimme some smoked pork!

Croutons–garlic and cheese flavored. Eli and I snacked on some while reading today.

Donnie is fiddling around with our old ancient laptop and keeping an eye on the baby.

Eli is so wonderfully amusing and easy-going. Love my middle son!

Finances. Sigh. I don’t have to be rich to be happy. I’d just like to have enough that I can check our bank account without suffering a mini-panic attack.

Gorditas or spaghetti for dinner? That is the question.

How do full-time WOHMs do it all?

I am hungry. I should stop blogging and decide on something for dinner.

Jonah is like one solid chunk of muscle with a baby head on top. When I’m holding him and he lurches around in my arms, it feels like my joints are snapping out of place.

K shouldn’t be a silent letter at the beginning of any word. English is so weird. You realize exactly how strange through the process of teaching your kid how to read.

Lily is still the most psycho cat I’ve ever had, while….

Max lays flat on his back in the hall, like a fat, furry, feline speed bump.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen! (Anyone remember that old spiritual hymn?)

Our carport looks like an opening scene on the show “Hoarders.” I wish I were kidding. I miss having a real garage, with a door that closes!

Procrastination—it’s what I’m doing blogging instead of making dinner right now.

Quiet! I must say this at least ten times during every nap Jonah takes. God has a sense of humor in giving me a light sleeper for my third son!

Really hoping that we manage to sell 100% of that carport clutter at a yard sale, soon! (It’s all stuff that was stored at our old house, that we need to sort through. I’m kinda liking FlyLady’s advice that you can’t organize clutter; you just have to get rid of it.)

Savings accounts: what are those again, exactly?

This meme is not as easy as I thought it would be.

Unless you have juggled a fussy infant while simultaneously teaching two separate language arts lessons to two different boys, you cannot understand what it’s like to be me.

Vomit: let’s hope that Tuesday night’s episode w/Zach is the last I’ll see of that for a very long time!

Washing clothes is something I fear I will never, ever catch up on.

Xbox is one thing this family could totally do without. But I am completely outnumbered on this issue.

You would be astounded if you could smell how the one gardenia bush outside my window makes the whole house smell terrific! Yankee Candle could never duplicate this!

Zach has finally quit puking but is still under the weather, poor kid. He may be 12, but when he’s sick, he’s still my baby.

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