Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Enjoyed Today

Yes, my Top Ten Tuesday is a day late…but that’s because when I finished writing it, Zach started throwing up. And thus began a sleepless night for him, me and the hubs. Miraculously, Eli and Jonah slept through all the ruckus. What bliss to be able to sleep that soundly! Anyway, I’m back online and thought I’d share it anyway, even though it’s Wednesday. Hope y’all have a good day. I’m working on a mega-cup of coffee at the moment.

Oh, and by the way, Borax in the dishwasher didn’t work at all! Praise the Lord that my mom is at the grocery store now and she’s picking up some detergent!


Tonight’s list isn’t that easy to compose. I am super-tired, Zachary is sick, and it was an otherwise pretty uneventful day. But I find that those are the times, when nothing extraordinary has taken place, when it’s best to reflect on the good things in life.

1. My coffee this morning. I don’t know why it tasted extra-good, but it did. That usually only happens when my husband makes the coffee. Maybe his gift for making the java is rubbing off on me?

2. Working with Eli on his math. Now that is a miracle, because I hate math. I try not to let that show when I’m working with the kids, but math is the bane of my existence. Anyway, I tried a few fun teaching ideas with him yesterday, and he retained it all! And we actually had fun again today. With math! Amazing.

3. Finding an ample supply of peach baby food at Kroger tonight. My baby Georgia boy loves him some peaches, but for some reason, the past two times I grocery shopped, they were sold out.

4. It was sunny, but cool enough to open up the windows and let the fresh air in. What a gorgeous day!

5. Running the attic fan. What a blessing that artifact is! I don’t know if they even make them anymore, but I grew up in a house with an attic fan and I just love having one again. It’s like a huge vacuum, that sucks all the hot stuffy air out of the house and draws in the cool, fresh air from outside. LOVE it.

6. Finding directions for substitute dishwasher detergent online when I discovered we were out of Electrasol, and I’d forgotten to buy more tonight. It’s 1 TBSP of baking soda or washing soda, and 1 TBSP of borax. If it works well, that might be my new frugal/green substitute for the chemical stuff.

7. Shining my sink after loading the dishes. Zach and Eli usually do the dishes these days, but since Zach is sick, I gave them the night off. Zach never scrubs my sink after he’s done (I guess I need to teach him that next). It was nice to do the dishes and have a sparkly sink, all at once!

8. Watching Jonah enjoy his first-ever Ritz cracker. I was concerned that he might choke, but he sucked on it very carefully and really enjoyed slurping off little soggy bites.

9. Getting a kiss on the cheek and a hug from my sweet 8 year old, Eli.

10. Enjoying the silence in my house right now, as everyone sleeps but me. A delicious, almost too-cool breeze wafts in through the window beside me, and I hear the pine trees stirring and the crickets chirping softly. It’s so peaceful at night, a solitude that is calming and refreshing at the same time.

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  1. Kari buy canned peaches and mash them up for him. If you have too much just freeze the mashed stuff in an ice cube tray and pop out when frozen into plastic bags. It’s cheaper and if you buy the peaches that don’t have added sugar it’s healthy too. I always found baby food way too expensive for the amount you got.

    1. I really need to do that, Diane. I got one of those mesh feeder thingies the other day–I thought about putting some peaches or melon into that, too, and letting him suck on it. Soon fresh peaches will be in season and he’ll probably never want to go back to the jarred stuff! LOL

  2. I wonder if your hubby adds a pinch of salt to the pot of coffee? From what I understand, that makes it taste better much like adding a pinch of baking soda does for a pitcher of iced tea.

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