Wordful Wednesday: The Baby Buffet

Jonah’s dinner one night…

Baby food peas with a spoonful of jarred ham mixed in, a dish of peaches, oatmeal with vanilla yogurt and cinnamon, and a cup of water.

In addition, he had a MumMum’s rice cracker in one hand, and a mesh feeder of chopped red grapes in the other.

Take a bite of cracker, then a slurp of grapes. Then shiver from the tartness of the grapes. Slurp up a few bites of baby food. Take a long gulp of water. Repeat until full.

Then it’s time to strip down for a bath.

His favorites, besides being naked for the bath? The rice cracker, the peaches and the water. He just loves his sippy cup of water.

He hasn’t had juice yet, which is fine with me. I might not give him any until he’s much older. All three of my kids are great water drinkers and I think it’s because it’s what they got used to having with meals as infants.

It’s fun to watch him try new things. So far his most hated food is green beans—just like his brother, Eli!

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