Thankful Thursday

One of the first things on my mind today is thankfulness that my dear husband is finally being given the chance to put his amazing IT skills to work at his job. After years of being the unofficial tech support for everyone in his building, they are finally recognizing that he rocks at this and should be given the opportunity to use it more fully. This is a really good thing!

Since it is our second-to-last day of school, and this year has been awesome, I am also feeling so grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my sons.

Four years ago, I pretty firmly believed that I couldn’t handle homeschooling, and that I’d never be willing to go that route. I’m so glad that God—and my husband—used various circumstances and friends to convince me that I could.

I just wish I hadn’t been so stubborn about it for so long! It’s such a great fit for our family that if I could go back in time, we’d have done it from the start, and not wasted 3 1/2 years of our life on private school. There were a few good things about that school, but comparing life then to life now? There IS no comparison. That’s why I’m so vocal about encouraging those who’ve considered homeschooling to take the leap, and give it a try. There isn’t anything to lose—if it doesn’t work out, put them back in school. But you could find, as we did, that you gain so much more than you ever imagined.

I know that it’s not a lifestyle that works for everyone, but it’s been nothing but a blessing to me and mine! And today I am very thankful to the God who has been here with us every day to lead us through another year of successful homeschooling. I am so grateful to my Lord, and so proud of my smart, amazing, kind-hearted boys!

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