Ooga Booga!

I am SO excited! We finally got an Ooga Booga cloth diaper!

I have loved this print since I first saw it, but every time I tried to bid on one, or buy one off Diaper Swappers, somebody would beat me to it. I was so excited when I snagged this one for a great price, and it’s a pocket diaper to boot! (While I still love my old-school prefolds and covers, I’m trying to add more pockets to my stash because he is such an insufferable wiggle-worm during diaper changes and pockets are one-step, like disposables, to put on.)

Ooga Booga comes in a lot of different colors, and this was one of my favorites: the Camo Ooga Booga. It should fit Jonah until he potty trains.

Now, see what it took to get one picture of his lil’ bum…I think I was holding his legs in the one above, and his torso is twisted as he was trying to get away!

Catch me if you can!!!

And I’m adding this one because I love this shot of his eyes and curls…and that bib, too!

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  1. I love the diaper cover! You need to get me his measurements so I can make him a wool cover, too!

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