Top Ten Tuesday: A Photo Post

Not feeling very creative tonight with regard to writing, so I’m just sharing 10 fun pics from recent weeks. I hope you enjoy!

1 thru 4: Jonah got ahold of the camera one afternoon, while we were in the process of taking down our Christmas decorations. You can imagine our laughter when I went to upload pics and found these! Here are a few shots by my sneaky little amateur photographer…

Munchkin’s latest trick: climbing on the computer chair and copying Mama at the keyboard. (Ignore the stack of Christmas stuff behind him!)

An orange cake with dark chocolate frosting, decorated with dark chocolate orange wedges that I baked for my dear friend Gina’s birthday:

Our fat boy, Max, stretched out on the floor. When he lays like this, I call him The Speed Bump. Because he will not move out of your way when you walk by — you have to step over him. Usually he becomes a feline barricade when he wants to be fed. As a side note, every time he’s on his back, Zach or Eli will ask me to explain for the zillionth time why male cats have nipples…

(Speaking of mammary issues, if breastfeeding pictures offend you, just skip the last one in this post, OK?)

Ah-HA! Mama’s little monster caught being Destructo-Boy! I guess he wanted a snack. I like his guilty expression as he’s pleading for me to pick him up!

Usually we let the dog eat the food Jonah drops, but I thought this was a bit much for her…

And finally, as I stated before: if you’re offended by breastfeeding pictures, just go ahead and click on outta here, OK? I just thought this was the sweetest shot. Because I’m 99.999% certain Jonah is my last baby, I adore these moments together because I’m well aware of how quickly they pass. He and I had such a rough start breastfeeding; I would have never guessed we would still be doing it now that he’s over a year old. But it’s so good for him, and so good for me, and so precious. I just love it. Anyway, this is how he loves to go to sleep, on our sides facing each other, with his little arm draped over me. If I had to title this one, I think I’d call it “Pure Comfort.”


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