“Not Me” Monday

This is my first-ever Not Me Monday post. I think it’s a fun idea!

Today, I did not go to the store for milk and formula, then come home with strawberries, almonds, hot dogs and buns—but no milk or formula. Nope, not me—I always remember everything on a mental grocery list.

I did not leave Jonah in his crib to cry for five minutes while I used the restroom and made myself a quick snack before settling in to nurse him.

I did not swipe the last wad of litter/hair/dust under the litter box after trying and failing repeatedly to sweep the darn thing into the dustpan. Not me—I’d never be so flippant about cleaning. NE-VER.

And finally, I did NOT wait until the night before drop-off to start tagging my consignment sale merchandise, and absolutely did not decide to check email, Facebook and write this blog to procrastinate even further. Not me.