This boy wants some FOOD

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Today, were eating some pizza for lunch, when Jonah grabbed my hand and started sucking on my pizza crust.

That boy loves him some pizza crust!

Third baby syndrome strikes again—I’d have never let the other two do this at six months old for fear of choking. But I was right there, and he was seriously having a blast gumming that crust. He even swallowed a few tiny bits.

Methinks this one’s not going to be happy with baby food for long! But he did enjoy his first taste of sweet potatoes last night (even if he doesn’t look thrilled in this shot):

(You know, it’s really hard to not edit those before posting! LOL)

3 replies on “This boy wants some FOOD”

  1. So funny I snickered when you said about third baby syndrome.
    My mother-in-law states it like this,
    The first baby if the soother falls well you sterilize-everything.
    The second baby if the soother falls you just pick it up and brush if off on your pants
    The third baby if the soother falls you let the dog lick it clean.

    I have three children and nope I’d never do anything like that (:

    Very cute images and really what food can compete with pizza?

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