Graveyard Shift

Just a peek at what my nights are like now…

It’s nearly 2:00 in the morning, and I am still up, waiting on the washing machine to finish its cycle.

I started the “night shift” well after midnight. I had to get a shower, then nurse the baby and put him down first.

Then, I had to hand-wash these:

Then I mixed up this:

And made up a bottle and stuck it in the fridge, so that I don’t have to be coherent enough to pour one when I’m stumbling around like a zombie for Jonah’s 5:30 feeding. (The child was sleeping 8 hours a night but has now started waking again around 5. Sigh.)

Then I fetched the overflowing diaper pail, and started this:

At the moment, I am waiting for that load of diapers to finish so I can put them in the dryer and then go to bed.

Meanwhile, I’m having a little of this (the O’Doul’s helps mama’s milk production):

And a couple of these (which are new and a bit of chocolate marshmallow heaven–and, surprisingly, not too damaging, calorie-wise IF you keep the portion size small):

(Yeah, I know I should be eating some yogurt or fruit or nothing at all, but it’s late, I’m battling a cold and sometimes a little junk food is what a Mama needs.)

These nights are definitely different from my pre-Jonah days, when I’d hang up my Domestic Goddess apron by 10:00 and then stay up late, reading, writing or goofing off online. Of course, blogging is goofing off online, but I’m just killing time. If it weren’t for that load of diapers, I’d have been asleep a while ago.

Because in about three hours, I’ll be awakened by this:

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  1. my German relatives would tell you to just go for the full alcoholic beer!! LOL They think the alcohol mellows baby AND a nursing mom. I can’t vouch for it though. Thanks for the tip about O’Douls however. I don’t seem to have a milk production problem – however, it couldn’t hurt…

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