Eli, the spider-slayer

Eli just came in here yelling, “Spider! Spider! One of those small, poisonous kinds!”

I don’t know where my sons got the idea that all small spiders are poisonous, but they believe that.

I haven’t felt well today, so my reaction to his announcement was quite subdued. I’m all, “Hmm…bummer. Maybe you should kill it…” And I yawned.

He leaned against me and said, “MOM! You know how I am about spiders!”

Then he paused and said, “Wait a minute. Why am I acting all coward-like?” Then he went back into his room and the next thing I hear is him slamming a shoe into the floor.

Score one for Eli! I feel bad for the spider, but I like it when the boys “man up” and take care of their own challenges. Especially when I don’t have to make them do it! 🙂

Here’s my spider-slaying cutie with our dog, Annie: