Drying Cloth Diapers

So, I basically never blog twice in one day, but this was pretty cool and deserved to be shared (and Pinned on Pinterest!).

I got this idea online and gave it a try today. Instead of using clothespins, just turn the diaper inside out (so that the lining benefits from the bleaching and deodorizing properties of the sun) and snap one of the tabs over the clothesline to secure it.

I’d always worried that the pressure of the clothespins would damage the PUL. Now I don’t have to worry! And if you’re like me and have more clothesline than clothespins, it frees them up for other garments.

(Sorry for the poor pic quality — it was taken with my phone, through a window screen! But if you click on it, it gets bigger.)

(OH, and notice the cotton receiving blankets drying behind the pocket diapers. I thank my friend Celeste for sharing that tip with me — pad-folded, they make great pocket diaper inserts! Just as good as flats or prefolds, and they dry super-fast but tons cheaper — I got these at a yard sale for .10 cents each!)