Psyching Up for Summer

So, the a/c is back on after enjoying several gloriously cool days and I’ve been trying to psyche myself up for summer.

It’s definitely my least-favorite season –I despise heat and humidity and both are annoyingly abundant in Georgia from May through September.

It’s been a somewhat trying week, so I didn’t greet today’s warm weather with the best of attitudes. But because I believe that attitude changes everything, I am trying to change mine for the better by making a list of things that I like about summer. I need to encourage myself for the long, hot days ahead.

Trouble is, I could only come up with five:

1. Swimming

2. Going to the beach

3. A break from schoolwork

4. Fireflies

5. Hummingbirds

AND…that’s about all I’ve got.

What about you? What would you put on a list of “Things to Love About Summer”?

3 replies on “Psyching Up for Summer”

  1. The horrendous heat will come in handy on laundry days–you can hang a load and actually take some off the lines right away when you’re done, because they’ll be dry. *You* won’t be dry–but some of the laundry will be. 😉

    Frozen fruit is good (grapes, melons) as a summer snack. Eating grapes frozen is my favorite way to eat them. They’re like self-contained slushies.

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