A Day of Firsts

It was a real milestone day for Mr. Jonah.

Achievement #1: Exactly 9 months and 2 days old, he stood up alone for the first time. (Did I get a picture? NO. Will I get one ASAP? YES!) I discovered this when he screamed unusually loudly after his nap. I walked into the nursery to find him standing in the corner of his crib, hanging on for dear life, bawling, afraid to let go. I had to pry his little white knuckles from the bars, poor baby.

But he pulled up! All by himself! And not until 9 months old. His big brothers walked early: Zach at just under 10 months, and Eli at 8 and a half months, so I prayed extra-hard that this baby that wouldn’t be mobile quite so young. Praise the Lord for answered prayer. I still have my fingers crossed that he holds off walking until his first birthday.

Achievement #2: He is getting around quite well by crawling. Today he discovered that he can leave the room he’s in—and followed me into the kitchen. He was so proud of himself! He also crawled to me for the first time, and pulled up on my legs. That earned him quite a lot of cuddles and tickles!

Here comes Max!

Achievement #3: I’m thinking this one is going to have a precocious vocabulary like Eli. Today he started saying “eh-OH!” when the phone rings–I swear it’s like he’s saying “hello” already. He stops whatever he’s doing as soon as he hears the phone, and calls out after every single ring. He even woke briefly from a nap to do that this afternoon. So funny!

And finally, it’s not exactly an achievement, but with all his mobility came his first injury. He fell into the corner of a toy and got this little welt beside his eye. Poor munchkin. I’m hoping that it doesn’t turn into a shiner overnight.

Oh, and as you can see, he enjoyed his first grilled corn cob tonight. He didn’t eat the actual kernels; he just gnawed the bare cob and sucked the flavor out of it. That boy loved his hillbilly teething stick! (Must be that Kentucky blood he got from his father…)