Zach’s Zone: Descriptive Writing

Zach had a language arts assignment to look at a painting and “paint” a word picture about it. He chose a painting I did a few years ago entitled “My Favorite Things.” Here’s the picture, and here’s what he wrote:

A yellow cat sits upon a dark purple chair. A royal blue blanket lays upon the chair, as blue hydrangeas in a vase atop an ancient table dance in the breeze from an open window above. Out the window, there are mountains, each their own unique color. And the only thing you hear is the sleeping cat’s purr.

It makes me smile that one of my favorite people wrote so beautifully about one of my favorite paintings.  I love that kid!

4 replies on “Zach’s Zone: Descriptive Writing”

  1. I LOVE this picture… you (have you) done any type of primitive art? I’d love to have a Kari Apted original {hint, hint} I totally am clueless about the lingo but I’m thinking this type of painting would look fantastic with saltbox houses and primitive settings….just a thought.

    Zach has become very articulate. We need some help over here! lol

    1. Thanks! I can’t really think of any specifically primitive art I’ve done. But I have a print of this that I’d be happy to mail you. 🙂 Just email me your address…and we can discuss our oldest children and writing via email as well. (Wink!)

  2. Hey Karebear and Zacharoo!! How awsome Zach. What a beautiful thing to say about your moma painting. And by the way I’ve always loved that painting too. 🙂

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