Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Don’t Understand

I’m cranky tonight.

There, I said it.

Cranky McCrankerpants. Crankopotamus. Queen Crank-a-lot. Yep, that’s me.

You know it’s bad when your 12 year old tells you before bed, sincerely, “Mom, I hope you have a better day tomorrow.” Then pauses and laughs, “Because when Mama’s in a bad mood, everyone’s in a bad mood!”

Thank you so much for stepping on my toes tonight, son. I know I needed to hear the truth, but…Ouch.

Anyway, it’s Top Ten Tuesday time again and I’m pondering a few things I don’t understand:

1. How is it that I’m feeling so darn PMS-y when I’m still breastfeeding and doubt that Mother Nature is bringing me a present anytime soon? I mean, can’t we poor women get a break from PMS if we aren’t having the “M” part? Or can that “pre” part be terminal, as in, lasting ages before the “M” returns? (My apologies to any men who might read my blog.)

2. Why did my overly-tired baby scream and cry for an hour before finally giving in to sleep tonight? Fighting sleep MAKES NO SENSE. At all. I would pay big bucks for one solid uninterrupted night of sleep, alone in a big bed, with no one to bother me.

3. Where do the days go? I mean, seriously, where? Why does life pass by so much more quickly with every passing year?

4. Why is my ice maker suddenly making hollow ice cubes?

5. Why can’t narcissists see how self-centered they are?

6. How can two boys take one bathroom from clean to filthy in less than one day? Do they not aim? Have they not heard of putting the toothpaste ON the brush instead of on the counter top and in the sink?

7. Why have I been having strange dreams about dirty public bathrooms and babies with bad teeth? (Yes, in the same dream. Bizarre.)

8. Why will my 8 year old eat a cheeseburger, but won’t eat hamburger meat in other forms? (Such as in spaghetti sauce, on tacos or pizza, etc.)

9. Whatever happened to customer service? Why do most employees in the service industry act as though they hate people when they should be glad to have a job in this economy?

10. Why am I still up blogging when I should be asleep, in case Jonah has another “Jack-in-the-Box” up-and-down night planned for us?

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11 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I Don’t Understand”

  1. Picture this: While I am giving Charlotte her shower/bath, Jacob walks into the bathroom, pulls his pants down, sits on the toilet, and proceeds to take a poo while reading a Judy Blume book… hey thanks, buddy, couldn’t have used the other bathroom??

    1. Oh wow! LOL! Sounds like something one of mine would do. They just don’t think, do they??

  2. You mean toothpaste isn’t some sort of leave-on conditioner for the bathroom sink? The kids have been covering the bathroom with toothpaste for so long, I was starting to think *I* was the one doing it wrong.

  3. Mine is making the hollow ice cubes. And it keeps getting stuck. I’m afraid one day it’s not going to make ice at all anymore. But w/refrigerator’s costing over $1,000, who can afford a new one?!?!

    Take care my friend!
    Hope today is better!

    1. Girl, tell me about it! Our washer sounds like it’s on its last leg, and the dryer takes two cycles to get the clothes dry now. Sounds like we need to hold a prayer service for our major appliances! LOL

  4. You’re up late blogging b/c it was probably the only time you had to yourself all day, and even though you know you’ll pay for it in the morning, having a moment to clear your mind was worth it! Am I right?

    Cute post. I hope your day gets better!

    1. Today has been MUCH better, thankfully! 🙂 And Jennifer, you are absolutely right about why I was still up. That pretty much happens every night. LOL

    1. Oh wow, play makeup…didn’t think about that! LOL I bet that does make an even bigger mess than toothpaste!

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