Top Ten Tuesday: Me By Numbers

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Tuesday’s host, Amanda, did this a week or so ago, and I thought it was a fun idea to swipe.

Visit Amanda’s site to make your own TTT list!

1. ONE

The number of husbands I’ve had. I’ve kept the same one for 20 years and counting, which sadly, isn’t as common as it used to be. As he says, it’s an investment we’re not willing to throw away, even when things get tough. Marriage is such a mountain-and-valley experience, but walking through the valleys together makes the next mountaintop experience all the richer.

2. TWO

I have two wonderful, amazing, beautiful sisters that I thank God for every day. Funny how much we battled each other growing up. We’re very different people, with very different lives, but we love being together just the same.


My Three Sons, of course! Three boys for me — who’d have ever thunk it? Amazing blessings, each one of them.


My four favorite holidays, in order: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, July 4th


My five favorite TV shows, in no particular order: Chopped, Survivor, American Idol, Supernanny, My Fair Wedding

6. SIX

How old I was when this picture was taken:

(As my old high school Spanish teacher, Senor Raper used to say, I had “shifty ojos”! LOL)


The number of years between my youngest and next-oldest child.


My favorite card game when I was a kid: Crazy Eights. Makes me want to whip out a deck of cards and play a round or two with the kids.


How many homes I’ve lived in since I’ve been married. (Frequent moves during the 1990’s courtesy of the United States Navy.)

10. TEN

The number of flimsy, breakable, puny fingernails I have, that only grow nice and strong when I’m pregnant.