A Toddler’s Morning

Never, ever a dull moment with a toddler in the house.

I woke up this morning when my little bed-buddy smacked me in the face with a throw pillow, laughing. That’s one of his favorite games with the sofa pillows — why wouldn’t mommy enjoy playing it, too? It was definitely an effective way to get me vertical. Almost as effective as the time he grabbed the cup of water off my nightstand and doused me with it.

On the way to change his diaper, he ran into the boys’ bedroom and woke them up. I corralled him back into his room for the diaper change, wherein he got all ticklish. You just haven’t lived until you’ve tried to get a diaper on a laughing, thrashing toddler.

I only hope that thing went on securely enough to contain the inevitable poop that’s coming any minute now.

While I went into the kitchen to make his morning bottle, and thought he was in the bedroom with his brothers, I discovered he was actually flinging the cat food off Max’s dish and scattering it around the hallway. Chances are that he ate some kibble, as I’ve caught him doing that once before.

So, I make the bottle, he accepts it with glee, but instead of toddling around with it as he usually does, he went straight to my chair in the living room. He carefully placed the bottle on the end table, popped up the recliner’s footrest, climbed into the chair, then grabbed his bottle and kicked back in front of cartoons like a proper big boy.

Great. Now he grabbed the camera and took off, taking pictures of his face, much like this one from the other day:

Never a dull moment, indeed! Better run!