Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Mom Awards for Me

Much of the mommy-chat on Facebook this week has centered around end-of-year awards ceremonies at school. Kids are getting recognized for perfect attendance, math achievement, citizenship, etc.

That’s one thing I kind of miss from the days when my kids went to school. I should have an awards ceremony for our little homeschool. I think both boys deserve a medal for working around the baby this year. I bet that’s one you won’t see given out in the public schools!

Anyway, it’s been a little frustrating around here the past week, and I thought of all the fine awards I’d have won if anyone had been looking. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. “Symptom Dimwit of the Year” -BOTH my older kids had been sick for days before we finally took them to the doctor. Turns out they both had strep and needed antibiotics. Poor kids. I’ve been around this block before—why didn’t I realize sooner that vomiting + sore throats (usually) = strep?

2. “Best Sliding Save” when I dove over and caught Jonah just before he tumbled off my bed. (I’d been nursing him, he was asleep, and I thought I could sneak off for a quick potty break and make it back before he woke up. Wrong!)

3. “Scariest Shopper in Target”– Hold on to your hats. I was actually brave enough to go shopping without a drop of makeup on my face. I never do this. But I did.

4. “Master of the Swiffer Duster” – did some serious decluttering and dusting in my bedroom. And yes, my old feather duster sang “Who’s That Lady?” as I worked. For real.

5. “Most Unsympathetic Wife” – I won this while Donnie was sitting on a heating pad with a backache all weekend. Part of me felt bad for him, yet another part of me (the part that’s been through unmedicated induced labor—twice—and a c-section, and suffers daily from autoimmune arthritis pain, meaning that pretty much everything I do on any given day is accompanied by pain, that part of me) wasn’t very patient with him, I’m afraid.

6. “World’s Latest Removal of Easter Decor” – Yeah, I finally took down all the Easter decorations. I’d kept them up so long due to sheer laziness the fact that I like bunnies. Yeah, that’s it.

7. “Queen of the Shining Sink” – I will pat myself on the back for this one, because I hate doing dishes. (Zach and Eli have been delegated the dishes for a year or more. Eli unloads, Zach reloads and runs the dishwasher.) Well, with both boys sick for a week, dishwashing fell back into my lap, but guess what? I kept a good attitude about it! Shocking! But I didn’t enjoy it enough to pardon the kids from this chore. Sorry, boys. As soon as you’re better, it’s back to the sink.

8. I got an Oscar in the “Looking Calm While Panicking” category – I kept my cool appearance while Zach had a scary, struggling to breathe episode yesterday due to his chest congestion and swollen throat. My heart goes out to those whose kids have asthma. I’ve never experienced that with one of my children, and it was truly scary!

9. “Throwing In The Towel” -I’ve admitted defeat. I will never get all our clutter organized enough to have our own yard sale. So we are donating it all to our church’s yard sale later this summer. Sure, I’ll be helping out with that sale, but it’s nowhere near as daunting as organizing one of my own. And the proceeds go to a better cause anyway. (I’d probably blow our money on pizza and red-tag clearance items at Target.)

10. “Best in Baby Wrangling” I’ve had one cranky infant this week, but it turns out that the little guy was working on a new tooth that broke through today. That makes three, sparkling, little white toofies; two on the bottom and one on top. Which leads to next week’s award, “Persevering Through Breastfeeding While Being Bitten.”

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