Buggy Sunday

So, this morning, Donnie is outside and comes in to tell me about this totally bizarre bug he just saw. He described it as flying vertically, but you can’t really see the wings or the body? It looks hairy and blue, with white stripes on its long legs, and it buzzes very loudly.

My reply? “I want some of what you’re drinking.”

I knew he wasn’t hallucinating, though, because the kids described the same kind of bug to me the other day. And last night, before I went to Target, I heard this really LOUD buzzing insect on the carport, but never saw anything.

So, I do what all modern moms do: hit the Internet for a bug search.

I found nothing. Nothing to indicate what type of bug that might be.

But on a website aptly named, What’s That Bug, I found this:

Which isn’t at all like the bug my guys are describing, but this Australian stick insect looks SO amazing! Have you ever seen such beautiful camouflage? It looks exactly like a plant, even down to the gradation of colors like you would see on a flower’s petals.

But my amazement was replaced with horror when I scrolled down further and saw this:


I know that will be in a nightmare tonight, probably flying into my hair.

Eww. Eww. EWWW!!!! *shivvvvvvverrrrrrrrr*

Anyway, I started clicking on a few other pages, but didn’t stay there long because I seriously started having the heebie-jeebies. So I still have no idea what kind of mystery bug is living on our carport.

I welcome any ideas, photos, stories of similar sightings. What could that critter be?

I can’t stand not knowing!!!