The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Again

It’s the day after Christmas and I woke up feeling positively divine after sleeping a full twelve hours (to make up for the ninety minutes I slept between the 24th and 25th).

Today is such a relaxing contrast to the hectic rest of the month, which makes December 26th fill one of the top spots on my “Favorite Days of the Year” list.

Now don’t get me wrong — I love Christmas, and experiencing it with my children is just about the most amazing thing ever. But, man, does it wear me out!

I waxed a  bit more eloquently about the subject in a newspaper column a couple of years ago. Read it and see if you relate — I think you will!

“I feel bad for people struggling with depression this week, but honestly? I am about as far from depressed as one can be at the moment. I’d even call this feeling elated if it wasn’t so darn peaceful.

Last week was fun, but I have to tell you: this week is one of my favorite times of the year.