The Brick Testament

(Before clicking the link below, let me add a huge disclaimer: Take seriously their disclaimer/content warnings! I only glanced through the story of Job before sharing the link, and I should’ve looked more carefully first. While many of the stories are free of potentially objectionable images for children, many do contain images you might not want your kids to see. The creators of the site have put in place a ratings code; please preview the tagged stories before showing them to your kids!)

The Bible illustrated with Lego!

This is a really cool idea, even if I wish they hadn’t felt the need to graphically depict some of the things they chose to include. Eli is a huge Lego fan and I hope to share the safer illustrations with him, because they are pretty cool. Especially the green and scabby Job—poor Job. I couldn’t help laughing at how he was depicted!

Speaking of Lego, did you hear that a Legoland Discovery Center is slated to come to Atlanta next year? Here is an article about it. I really hope it happens–Eli will be ecstatic!

The Discovery Center is a smaller version of the bigger Legoland Parks. At the moment, the closest one is in California. But I just saw that Cypress Gardens in Florida is building what will be the world’s biggest Legoland!

I foresee a whole lot of little plastic bricks in my future…

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  1. Yep, I foresee LOTS MORE of the little plastic bricks at your house! Eli is not only a Sweets Junkie but a Lego Junkie, too!! HA! He almost never tires of playing with them. I think the other two (Donnie and Zack) are almost as bad as Eli, though!
    Give all three of your sons a hug for me!
    Love U All,

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