Symbols of a boy’s love

This afternoon, while the boys played outside, I grumbled to myself as I cleaned off the kitchen counter. “Why can’t anyone else in this house put things away?” I thought, as I shoved the Cheerios back into the cabinet. My sour mood continued as I slammed the syrup back in its place, threw the empty formula can into the trash, and put dirty glasses into the sink. I went to brush the crumbs off into my palm, when I saw Eli’s gift lying there, unnoticed.

He knew just where to put that dandelion and sprig of clover so that Mama would find it.

I couldn’t help it—that sunny little yellow flower made me smile. And I felt more than a little guilty for my bad attitude. I could have a clean house if it wasn’t filled with boys (including that 43-year-old one) messing things up. But if it weren’t for them, I’d never know how much joy could be hidden inside a lowly little dandelion.

When my husband used to buy me flowers—back when there was room in the budget for such frivolities—red roses were my favorite.

But now I think it’s dandelions.

2 replies on “Symbols of a boy’s love”

  1. Oh how sweet! They always know just how to melt our hearts. Being a mom is tiring and overwhelming sometimes. But thanks for the reminder that the benefits far outweigh the sacrifices! Take care my friend!

  2. It amazes me how you can write something, and it so reflects my life … when you were talking about the cheerios and such, I thought maybe you’d been spying in my house! (And wondered why you didn’t say “hi!”

    God is so good to send us those simple reminders via dandelions and clover! 🙂

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