Sunday Seven

Ok, so I don’t really advocate punching anyone in the face, so this is just a list of seven things one can do that warrants a punch in the face—figuratively—and in no particular order:

1.Talking on a Bluetooth while shopping…or while anywhere, really. But I especially hate it when I’m shopping and hear someone speaking, turn around to see if they’re talking to me, then realize that they’re using a Bluetooth. Don’t they know that walking around talking to themselves makes them look CRAZY???

2. Talking on a cell phone in a quiet public place, like a doctor’s waiting room. We SO do not want or need to know your business, so take it outside or don’t take the call at all.

3. An old one but still remains true: driving slow in the fast lane. For the love of all that’s beautiful, move over already!

4. Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground. I’d hoped that after that song, we’d see an end to that trend. But not here in the good ol’ ATL. There was a teenager at Zach’s softball game Friday who was sitting with his rear end hanging off the edge of the bleachers. His underwear-only-covered butt was entirely exposed and right at face level for anyone walking by. Disgusting!!

5. Not showing respect during the playing of the National Anthem. I know a few good ol’ boys and military veterans who might punch you—literally—for this one.

6. Playing your car stereo so loud that my teeth vibrate…in my car…twenty feet away.

7. Parents at Walmart with babies and school-aged kids at 11:00 p.m. on a weeknight. Unless you’re a single parent and your kid was sick and needed medicine and you had no babysitter, those kids need to be in bed!

Perhaps a better name for this list would be “Things One Can Do To Make My Blood Pressure Skyrocket.”

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