Stuff Happens

…when you’re two. Because when you’re two, you’re learning how everything works and you just can’t STOP YOURSELF from getting into mischief.

When Dad put away the Christmas stockings, he left all the goodies on the dining room sideboard.

Silly Daddy.

Doesn’t he know I’ve become a pro at unwrapping candy?

Even complicated Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! NUMMY!

If you look closely, you’ll see I reached the candy by dragging over a plastic bin to climb upon. I usually use my chair, but mom and dad had it shut up in the laundry room after I pulled this stunt too many times in one day:

So I’m a little OCD about wanting to wash my hands all day long. Is that so wrong?

The other day, I got in trouble for brushing my teeth! How crazy is that?

I think maybe it was the fact that I was IN the sink, with my pajamas on, that made Mom do that, “Oh, Jonah, NO!” thing she exclaims quite often…

Oh well. As I said, Stuff Happens when you’re two. But Mom says it’s OK, because I’m so darn cute!

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