Smiling Thru


I was going through my photo files, in search of an image that goes with what I’m feeling today, and this is the one! We’re just smiling through!

Smiling through what, you ask? For starters, my pregnancy. To celebrate reaching 25 weeks last Thursday, I got admitted to the hospital for observation because of having preterm labor symptoms. (That is also the reason there is no column this week…missed my Thursday night write-fest.) I’m still having the same symptoms off and on, but unless they increase, it doesn’t mean anything except that I have an “irritable uterus”. Which is funny because that just means my uterus matches the rest of me!

Because who can be anything but irritable in this heat? We’re not supposed to have weeks of heat indexes over 100 degrees in June. In late July or August, maybe…but not June! It’s something of a blessing to be told to take it easy, because it gives me an excuse to spend my days stretched out next to the a/c vent, under the ceiling fan. Again…smiling through!

The hubs and I did some serious smiling over the repairs he’s accomplished on his car this weekend. He made a lot of progress and I’m beginning to see the hope on the horizon that we will, someday, return to being a two-vehicle family.

(Not that I’m supposed to be doing much of anything for the rest of the pregnancy, but it’s nice knowing that I could go somewhere if I wanted to. Especially if that “going somewhere” entails dropping off two bored boys to spend some time with their friends. Hint, hint.)

Finally, a not-to-be-named relative called today, with a mind-bogglingly ignorant request that we basically shoot ourselves in the foot for their benefit. Once the nausea wore off, all I could do was giggle. Because there’s no way we’re going to do what was asked of us, and because of that, there’s a really good chance that this person could once again be blessedly OUT OF MY HAIR. For keeps. YAHOO!

So my thought this Sunday is this: I’ve given up asking for life to be easier. We’ve just got to keep smiling through…