Parenting: Still Not for Sissies

Jonah has figured out that Mom spends a minute or two in the bathroom every morning, and that this is prime time to start the day off with a hefty dose of mischief.

Today, my wee monkey got a box of powdered milk and made a little sandbox in Daddy’s recliner.

He was singing and tossing handfuls into the air when I snuck up on him.

And then he looked up at me, smiled and said, “Take a picture?”


What you don’t see is the trail of powder from the kitchen to the living room, punctuated by drooly clumps where the dog started licking it up.

I also failed to capture the dog’s white-coated black snout, and the trail of white kiddie and puppy footprints across the living room rug. And how he rubbed two handfuls of powder into his hair as I lifted him off to the bathtub.

Oh, and my husband, who had charge of Jonah alone for a few hours last night, tells me, “Man, I couldn’t get anything done last night — Jonah gets into everything!”


I hadn’t noticed.

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  1. Oh, Kari! I’m so sorry! Laughing my head off…but I’m so sorry!! This is one child who you’ll want to keep a video camera around, though–he might win you big bucks on America’s Funniest Videos one day!

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