No, not the Avatar!

AvatarYou don’t know how much it pains me to admit this: I actually watched a whole episode of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” tonight. And it wasn’t because I was just in the room and it happened to be on. And it wasn’t like last Friday night, when I caved and let the boys watch it while eating dinner in the living room simply because I was too frustrated and outnumbered to insist that we watch something a little less soaked in testosterone.

Tonight was different.

See, there was this kid and he was trying to break his dad out of jail, and there was actually a PLOT beyond the usual flurry of animated martial arts I see when I walk by the screen. And it drew me into the story. Donnie asked me a question and I couldn’t even answer him because I just had to know how the prison break turned out.

That last sentence I wrote? It is so out-of-character for me; I might as well be writing about someone else. Me, totally immersed in a martial arts cartoon? Me, hanging on the edge of my seat over a freakin’ prison break? I need to go try on some jewelry, cuddle a teddy bear, and spray some perfume to raise the estrogen level up a notch.

If I was ever looking for irrefutable proof that living in a world of males has permanently warped my mind, tonight, I got it. Heaven help me.