The Sarcastic Contender Speaketh

I haven’t felt very well today, so it’s been a lazy day of naps, television viewing and web surfing. I just found a funny site for when you have time to kill. Go to and click “Name Generator”.

My Superhero name: The Invincible Phantom

My Not So Care Bear name: Bad Luck Bear

My Cute name: Nookummoogliepums (say what?)

My Spring Fairy Name: Lily Garden-Spirit

My Gideon Dafoe Pirate Name: The Pirate with the Website (HA!!)

My (ordinary?) Pirate Name: Captain Slightly Singed Beard Of the pirate ship Matzo Balls

Smurf Name: Sweet Toothed Smurf

Redneck Name: Bobby-Sue Pigpusher

Princess Name: Kari the Respected, Princess of Eltano

Villainess Name: The Merciless Shadow  (I like that one!)

And finally, perhaps the funniest, best-fitting of all, my Ninja Name:

The Sarcastic Contender! 😈