Never a Dull Moment

My poor Eli took a pretty scary fall earlier today and we spent about four hours at the ER. He fell down into a concrete-bottomed concrete pipe…long story behind the where/when/why but let’s just say that Mama’s on the case to make sure this doesn’t happen to another child. Somebody was seriously negligent in playground design and I can’t believe my kid’s the first one to have been hurt there.

We are so blessed. It could’ve been a serious head injury or worse. I can’t believe he only ended up with scrapes, bruises and a contusion along his lower back. Poor little guy’s limping around like an old man with arthritis, and I guess that’s pretty much how he feels. And that makes two of us…pulling him from the tunnel and carrying him to the car and into the hospital showed me how much I need to start working out again!

There’s always a funny moment with these kids of mine, even in a time of trouble. When the ER doctor asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, Eli answered, “A stuntman.” 😆 He also thought it was pretty cool to look at his spinal x-rays and see the little black bubbles of gas nestled around the bones. As he said, “I got to see the farts that are still inside my body!”

I sure do love that crazy kid…thanking God tonight for protecting my little boy.