Mother Goose he’s not

I have been drowning in writing deadlines lately (that’s a good thing!) and I do most of my work at night. So when bedtime rolled around, I asked Donnie to read the boys a story for me.

I usually have story duty, and that’s fine, because I love it. Not sure why Donnie’s not really into the whole bedtime reading thing, but that’s OK. He handles their softball practices without any input from me, so I consider us equal.

Anyway, when he asked what I wanted him to read, I pointed to the basket of new library books. He had other ideas.

“Hey, I know…I’ll read them some bills.” He reached into the bill stack and said, “Now boys, this is a¬†water bill. And this really scary big one here, this one is called the¬†electric bill…”

Yes, I married a comedian. He ended up reading a funny dog story to the kids. I finally finished the big article I’ve been slaving over. We’re all happy tonight.

The end.