My strangely wonderful child

Both my kids are wonderful, and quirky in their own delightful ways. Zach tends to be the more silent type, while Eli says anything and everything that’s on his mind. He chatters all the time; it’s as though his brain never shuts off. I don’t mean to give him more attention on my blog, but he’s the one constantly providing me with material at this point in life.

Just now, he called out from his bedroom, “Mom? Where does salt come from?” What kid thinks about the origin of salt while trying to fall asleep?

Earlier tonight, we went to Kroger to pick up his antibiotics. When he saw it was the pink stuff, he exclaimed, “Oh BOY! I can’t wait to get home and have some of that! I LOVE that stuff!” Everyone in the pharmacy area cracked up, and the technician said she’d never heard a child say that before. And he really does love it…he tried to lick out the little medicine cup when he was finished. Good thing, considering he has to have it 3x/day!

On the drive home, he asked how many days he’d have to take his medicine. I replied, “Probably at least a week. It takes quite a few days to kill all the germs.”

He sighed and said, “Mom, don’t you mean ‘bacteria‘???” Then he went on to tell me that bacteria were green and antibiotics were likeĀ purple-coloredĀ police that killed all the bad guys.

It’s going to be fun to see what he becomes when he grows up!