Doing our bit to help the economy

Well, in the medical industry, at least.

Yesterday, we had to take Zach to urgent care for a nasty case of poison ivy that just kept spreading. So now he’s on steroids, not sleeping well and cranky. But his rash looks better. Doctors visit and 2 prescriptions for him…


Eli developed a gum abscess over the weekend, over a baby tooth that he nearly knocked out a few years ago. Donnie took him to the dentist today. They pulled the tooth, the abscess drained, and he’s fine. Dentist’s bill for tooth extraction, novocaine, and an amoxicillin prescription for Eli…


I had an appointment for some testing today, too. Long drive in the rain to Atlanta, gas tank refill, and hospital parking garage fee for me…

Yeah, I’ll spare you the cha-ching…at least my medical bill was entirely covered by insurance.

Now Donnie’s off, taking my grandmother to the doctor! I hope we all get a break from the white coats for a while. We’ve seen too many the past 24 hours, that’s for sure!

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