When the Hubby’s at Home

Donnie started coming down with a cold/sinus/sore throat thing last night, so he elected to take a sick day off work today.

I do feel bad for the poor guy. And in some ways, it is nice to have him home.

But…(you knew a “but” was coming, didn’t you?) It sure does wreak havoc on our usual routine when he’s home unexpectedly! He wants to use the computer but I’m used to being able to use it while the kids are doing their schoolwork. Zach’s math is entirely computer-based. It’s not that Donnie won’t let him on there; it’s just a hassle to try to keep everyone happy while accomplishing all I need to do. I also had an idea for this week’s column that I’d love to start typing while the kids are at work, but my computer will be held hostage by Sneezing Man.

And there’s just this feeling in the air with the kids, that if dad’s home, it’s not a REAL school-work day.

You know, I spent most of my life hoping I’d not inherit the “resistant to change” gene on my mom’s side of the family, but the older I get, the more I realize it’s rampant in me. Dangit.