Happy Mothers Day

In honor of this special day dedicated to motherhood, I want to share a few favorite pics and links to a few Mother’s Day columns I’ve written through the years.

Investing in Motherhood

I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the lovely moms who’ve invested into my life.

My mom and her mom, my grandmother, Honey….

And them again, years later, in 1986….

Honey with me in 1989, at my sister’s wedding….

And Mama with me at my wedding, in 1991…

Honey holding my first baby, Zach, in 1998….

Mother’s Day was always about honoring the special women in my life, but from the time I got married until we were blessed with Zach seven years later, that second Sunday in May always equaled pain and longing as I struggled through infertility and pregnancy loss.

These little blessings made my joy complete. Truly my cup runneth over…

There’s no way to put a value on all the things they’ve given me — dandelion bouquets and hand-made cards rank higher than diamonds on my wish list.

For a lighthearted look at Mother’s Day gift giving, check out the following:

My Top Ten Worst Gifts for Mother’s Day

There is never, ever a dull moment around here, and for that, I am beyond thankful.

And finally, my mother’s heart revealed, with thoughts that still hold true:

What Motherhood Has Given Me

Have a beautiful, blessed day, my friends!