Grandparents. Gotta love ’em.

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Eli is spending ten days in Florida with my parents. Mom called me from the grocery store, wondering what kind of yogurt to buy for Eli. She commented that he hadn’t drank any of the milk she bought for him.

“What, he hasn’t been eating cereal?” I couldn’t believe that…he loves the stuff!

Mom sounded guilty as she laughed. “Well, on our first morning here, there wasn’t any milk in the house. So Eli came up with a new concoction and he loves it. He’s eaten it every morning!”

I dreaded to hear what he’d invented, knowing it had to contain sugar. That kid doesn’t have a sweet tooth…he has a mouth full of them!

“Oh no, Mom. What did he do?”

“Well, all we had was Dr. Pepper so he poured that on his cereal. And he LOVED it!”

I just could not believe she let him do that!!! And not just once, but every morning since?!

Then she went on about how well he’s been behaving, and I just can’t imagine how that’s possible when he’s been scarfing down a sugar-laden, caffeine-laced breakfast every day. How FUN it’s going to be to break him of that habit when he gets back home.

He’s having a blast, though. I hope he enjoys it. Back to reality (cereal with MILK) when he comes home next week.