My apologies

If you logged on earlier today and saw the raunchy ads that Google had planted in my sidebar, please forgive me! I don’t want to write exactly what they were referring to, as I don’t want to give any search engines more fodder for finding me here.

Let’s just say that one of my columns was about a TV show I like, that comes on Wednesday nights on ABC. It’s about the mother of a family going to be the mother of another family while that woman comes and lives in her house for a while. Another clue: take the opposite of “husband” and the opposite of “keep” and pair them together.

Anyway, apparently Google chose ads based on that ONE column title, and posted crudely-written ads for things that the Bible is pretty clear that men and women shouldn’t do–even if they are married! 😯

So, no more Google ads. And that’s fine with me! :mrgreen: