We are SO Mean…

Jonah’s always had an impressive mop of hair.

Remember the Johawk?

(Good heavens, he was a cutie pie!)

We never styled it like that; it stood up on its own.

That was about a year ago, and he still hasn’t had his first haircut. Now the top is flat and long, and there’s a ton of curls all over the back of his head.

Anyway, Donnie and I have often joked about how it’s too bad he’s not a girl, ’cause we’d love to see what that hair would look like in a ponytail.

Yeah, today we did it. Tee hee!

But Jonah wasn’t very happy about it. Love this Billy Idol scowl!

“With a rebel yell, he cried NO, NO, NO!”

It stayed crazy for quite a while after we pulled the hair band off…

Why you do dis to me, Mama?

Yep. We are SO mean! LOL

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