Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

So, it wasn’t the best start to the day. Our neighbor called to let us know that their car had been broken into during the night, and we should check our cars. We’re bad about leaving our cars unlocked, and sure enough, Donnie discovered our passenger doors slightly ajar. Thankfully, there wasn’t anything of value in either car, so nothing was taken. But the burglar left a knit cap behind in Donnie’s car. EWWWW!!! Somebody’s nasty hat!

The police came and said that they’re putting in an order for extra night patrols through the neighborhood. Donnie said he’s going to use the cap (and whoever’s scent is on it) to make a “kill toy” for our dog, Annie. We know her mom was black Lab, but we don’t know if the other half was boxer or pit bull. She’s sweet to us, but one definitely gets the feeling that she would seriously hurt anyone who messed with her people. I think he’s probably kidding, but he’s pretty ticked off.

It just makes me mad. Home is the one place where you want to feel safe, where you expect to be safe. I know we’re supposed to pray for our enemies, and I have said a prayer for them, whoever they are.

But another part of me, the baser part of my soul, is hoping that the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits, and that all their turkey leftovers are infused with salmonella. 👿

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  1. That’s terrible! I’m surprised the police didn’t take the cap for evidence. This happened in our neighborhood this year. The police came by one morning to ask if our car had been broken into too. I said, “So my car is such a mess that you can’t tell if it has been broken into?!?!” Now, I try to remember to keep it locked!

    Take care my friend! Maybe we can get together sometime in December! I would love to make gingerbread houses again!

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