Venus and Jupiter

Did you see it tonight? If not, you missed a really neat show in the skies. Venus and Jupiter were highly visible near the crescent moon; something they say won’t happen again until 2050. We don’t have the best camera, but Donnie still got a pretty decent shot of it using the tripod (click the photo to see it larger):

Venus is the one closest to the bottom of the shot, and Jupiter is the farthest to the right. The picture doesn’t do it justice…the light was positively brilliant.

A few weeks ago, we went to Science Night at the library and got to look at Jupiter and three of its moons through a high-powered telescope. So it was kind of like seeing an old friend again.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I sent my guys out to go look at it tonight. They took the binoculars and could even see the orange tint of Jupiter. And yes, they had to drive someplace to get a good look at it. There are too many trees here to really see it.

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