Return to Sender

Eli and I do this “blowing kisses” thing across the room. One of us will kiss our fingertips and blow the kiss off toward the other person. Then the receiver lightly smacks his or her cheek and says, “Got it!” before blowing one back.

I finally felt up to tucking the boys in tonight, but since I still have a low-grade fever, I didn’t want to kiss them. I prayed with Eli, then as I walked to the door, he said, “Wait, Mom!” and blew me a kiss.

I said, “Got it!” and blew one back. He smacked his cheek and then said, “Uh, Mom? I’m going to have to send that one back.”

I laughed and asked why.

“Because it’s all green with germs,” he replied quite seriously. Then he wiped his fingertips across his cheek and blew it back to me.

What a hoot!