Can’t Keep a Good Ant Down

“Mom!” called Jonah from the kitchen. “Come see!”

(This is not usually a good thing to hear when you’re first out of bed in the morning.)

“I keeeled all the ants! With the spray. Come see!”

We’ve had an ant problem off and on the past couple of months. We think we’ve tackled them when lo and behold….they come back. I didn’t know they’d returned in force until Jonah’s announcement this morning.

So I meandered from the bathroom to the kitchen, still in my nightgown, and saw the countertops soaked in cleaning spray (thankfully, a safe vinegar/water combination). There were a few ant carcasses drowning in puddles. Nothing like the “antpocalypse” his excitement made me believe I’d see.

“Let’s get some paper towels and wipe it up,” I suggested, tearing a handful off the roll. I handed him a towel and he began wiping, then froze as a live ant crawled onto his hand.


“Oh NO! LOOK! The ants are respawning!”

Your kids might play too many video games if….they think ants come back to life after you’ve “keeled” them with homemade Windex.