Painting Fireworks

I teach my son Jonah’s preschool class at church once or twice a month. In honor of upcoming July 4th, this morning we did a lesson about freedom which included this fun and easy craft:

Fireworks Fork Painting

Fireworks Painting3

Basically, you just dip the back of a fork into washable tempera paint and instruct them to paint fireworks-shaped objects. They can also dip the tips of the tines into paint and then jab them around for tiny dots of color.

Some of the kids did a better job at making the fireworks shapes (I wasn’t sure if their parents would want their faces online)….

Fireworks Painting4

And I had one really pretty assistant, dressed in red, white and blue plaid in honor of her very first Independence Day, who quite enjoyed the painting, too.


I’m sure this will be a hit with your kids, too — either in a classroom or at home.

This last pic pretty much sums up what Jonah thought about painting with a fork!

Fireworks Painting2