Basically Just a Picture Post

I’m posting a blog full of pictures just because my kids are cute and I need to cheer myself up. Today I am struggling to rise above the anger I feel after the sheer idiocy I’ve endured the past couple days from extended family members.

(I probably won’t be able to refrain from making tomorrow’s Top Ten Tuesday a venting post about said actions. Consider thyself warned.)

Today started too early, with Jonah waking before dawn. I got him back to that deliciously drowsy, heavy-eyelidded stage of pre-sleep, but the cat crawled over us at just that moment, and snapped him wide awake.

I did not appreciate the long set of scratches Fat Max left down my arm as I tossed him off the bed.

And I’m already cringing at the thought of breastfeeding at naptime because of something making my leftie feel like Jonah is nursing with a mouth full of ground glass. I curl my toes even now anticipating that pain.

So, on to something happier: pictures!

Jo-jo pulling up on my legs and looking so much like theĀ  Jennings/Apted side of the family.

Big brother Zach showing Eli the ins-and-outs of Teaching Textbooks math on our first day of school. Eli is so excited to finally use the program Zach’s been using for years. And yes, shirts are optional in our homeschool. Well, for the boys anyway! LOL

Jonah’s first day of school t-shirt: “A” is for Awesome!

Jonah is easily amused with a water bottle while his brothers do their work.

The “Happy Birthday” art Zach made for me on Halo. LOL It had little explosions going off, like fireworks.

My post-bath munchkin. Such a happy little boy!