So, imagine this. You’re sitting at the computer, minding your own business, typing away on an important freelance writing project (or wasting time on Facebook—it’s all good) when you see out of the corner of your eye a child approaching you.


“Yes, son…” I say, still tapping away at the keyboard and staring at the screen.

“I need to show you something.”

“Ok. Hold on a minute…”

I finish what I’m doing, and turn to face him, expecting to see this:

But instead, mere inches from my face, is THIS:

(Cue “Psycho” shower scene music)

Now, the Anakin mask is not scary on its own. But it gets me every time.

EVERY TIME Eli pulls this stunt, it makes me scream. And OH how little boys love scaring their poor Mama!

So, much laughing ensues and the next thing I know, I’m tapped on the shoulder, turn around and see THIS:

Obi “Zach” Kenobi gets in on the action. Then the hubs tried it out.

And somehow, it didn’t scare the baby at all.

2 replies on “Anakin-phobia”

  1. That is because he’s a boy and therefore already in love with all things Star Wars. I’m getting him a light saber for his first birthday.

    1. LOL! That’s good, because once he’s mobile, he’ll need one to fight back, I’m sure!

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