Ok, I haven’t had a toddler in seven years. So maybe I don’t remember at what age the other boys did this, but…Jonah really amazed his ol’ parents tonight. Keep in mind that he won’t be two til the end of this month.

I let him play with a set of colorful foam letter stamps tonight. I heard him saying “O”, “Y”, “T”…he often jibber-jabbers random letters of the alphabet so I didn’t think he was actually matching the letters with the appropriate names.

Until I looked.

And saw him pick up “E” and “A” and “B”, saying all their names as he did it. I called Donnie over and we just laughed out loud as he continued to pick up random letters and name them correctly. Because we haven’t really taught him this. (As a matter of fact, I had zero plans to do any “official” homeschooling with him besides reading books together, coloring, etc. until he was at least four.)

Since they were stamps, that means some of the letters appeared backwards, so, not wanting to confuse the tot, we got out a set of wooden ABC blocks. These also had numbers printed on them.

“Four! Three! Seven!” (which sounded like “seh-zen”.) All correct. He accurately named 1 through 9 as we showed him each number in random order.

He was really having fun with this, occasionally throwing a block on the floor and saying “Uh-woah” (his version of “uh-oh”) then cracking up while his dad fetched the blocks. He mixed up a couple of letters, like calling the letter “U” a “V”—and saying “O” for “Q” but I’ll give him those. After all, they are close in shape. And did I mention he’s not yet two?

Yes, I am shamelessly bragging, and quite obviously biased, but I think we’ve got one smart cookie over here.

Actually, make that three smart cookies. While I’m in full-on Mom Brag Mode, let me tell you that on Friday, Zach got an A on his Bible and history quizzes, while Eli scored a 100 on his spelling test and 96 on his first unit Language Arts test.

Yeah…I’m proud of my smart boys!

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