Moments with Eli: Geography

(My goofy boy modeling last year’s Halloween glasses.)

We have a handy-dandy globe that shows all the features of the earth, but without labels. It’s very useful for reviewing geography, because they can’t just read me the names like they could on a traditional globe. We used it today to review the names of continents and oceans. Eli, in a moment of forgetfulness, couldn’t recall the name of Antarctica.

I decided to give him a clue. “It’s the south pole….it’s ant…ANT….”

“Antarctica!” he shouted.

Then my little comedian smirked, pointed to the north pole and said, “So that must be Uncle Arctica up here!”

These kids of mine — they keep me laughing!

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  1. Loved it! And I would love a globe like that–without the countries labeled. Shoot, I’d love a globe that wasn’t 50 years old. We have the globe that was my great aunt’s. Seriously…50 years old. Countries have changed names several times. 😉

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