Yo, baby!

Ok, so this is my second blog entry about yogurt. Kinda strange for someone who’s never been a fan of clotted milk. The other entry was to share a fun video poking fun at the new “probiotics” craze in marketing yogurt to women my age. I tried some of that Activia stuff, and yuck! Just didn’t like it at all.

But, I’m trying to eat more healthfully, so I thought I’d give yogurt another shot. And, I fell in love….

I bought the plain lowfat, because I didn’t want all the sugar in the vanilla version. Still, plain yogurt? Bleh! Anyway, last night I mixed some in a bowl with a few drops of Watkins Double Vanilla extract, a hefty pinch of stevia (all-natural no-calorie sweetener), then mixed in a handful of halved red grapes.

It was heaven in a bowl. Seriously. I could’ve eaten that for breakfast, lunch and dinner today. Stonyfield yogurt is so mellow, without any of the sharp sourness that’s turned me off with other brands.

Didn’t mean to subject you to a food commercial, but if you haven’t tried this brand of yogurt, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Can’t wait to try my no-sugar vanilla tomorrow, with some grated orange zest and chopped orange segments mixed in.

(What has my life come to, that I am THIS excited about YOGURT???) 😆